24.11.2012: MOSURA launches DeNitro and Ph Up. Water made better for your beloved shrimps!
  20.01.2012: MOSURA rolls out the new RO 5S filter. You have now the best water for your tanks!
  01.08.2011: High nutritious microcapsules shrimp food, Shrimpton is released.
  01.07.2011: MOSURA introduces 2 new water enhancement products for shrimps, Mosura pH Down and TDS Up.
  01.05.2011: Mineral Plus Ultra is shipped to some countries to save shipping cost.
  26.01.2011: MOSURA starts shipping cost saving version of Shizhen, Shizhen Power to distributors.
  17.01.2011: Mosura Rich Water is created bases on commerical shrimp breeding rich water concept.
  01.09.2010: MOSURA introduces the breeding aids duo, Mosura Eros and Gravida for shrimps.
  01.06.2010: Concentrated beneficial bacteria for shrimps and shrimp tank, Mosura BT-9 is released.
  09.09.2009: ShiZhen, a natural water conditioner is shipped to major distributors.